Open banking. by Klarna Documentation

Open banking. by Klarna allows TPPs/merchants to access the consumer’s account information data or initiate transfers.

The TPP/merchant can create a session and within it run multiple flows such as a balance retrieval flow and a transfer flow.

The Open banking. by Klarna solution provides a way to handle all required consumer interaction, e.g. the selection of the bank or the authorization of a payment.

If you are a TPP that only wants to integrate Klarna Bank's PSD2 API without leveraging all the benefits that come with Open banking. by Klarna, click here.

Klarna Branded

The solution for a fast integration relying on the XS2A App to handle all consumer interaction and just get results.

  • AIS + PIS
  • Extendable with Account Insights
  • Klarna branded UI/UX
  • No PSD2 license needed

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White Label

The solution for a fully customizable user experience based on a server-to-server integration.

  • AIS + PIS
  • Extendable with Account Insights
  • Your own UI/UX
  • Requires PSD2 license

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Account Insights.

Requires a Klarna Branded or White Label integration

The powerful Account Insights engine helps to turn simple bank statements into unique insights, such as categorized transactions or account balance over time reports.

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