The Transaction Object in Detail

    "transaction_id": ?string,
    "reference": string,
    "amount": Amount,
    "counter_party": ?Account,
    "date": string,
    "state": enum<'PROCESSED', 'PENDING', 'CANCELED', 'FAILED'>,
    "type": enum<'CREDIT', 'DEBIT'>,
    "method": enum<'TRANSFER', 'DIRECT_DEBIT', 'INSTANT', 'UNKNOWN'>

transaction_id type string - A unique identifier for the transaction

reference type string - Reference for the transaction

amount type Amount - The unsigned amount of the transaction.

counter_party type Account - The other party involved in the transaction. Can be empty for some transactions.

date type string - The date on which the transaction was booked

state type TransactionState (PROCESSED, PENDING, CANCELED, FAILED) - The state of the transaction

  • PROCESSED - The transaction was processed
  • PENDING - The transaction is still pending and not yet processed
  • CANCELED - The transactions was canceled
  • FAILED - The transaction was not processed

type type TransactionType (DEBIT, CREDIT) - The type property indicates whether funds were withdrawn (DEBIT) or applied (CREDIT) to the account

  • DEBIT - Funds were withdrawn from the account
  • CREDIT - Funds were applied to the account

method type TransactionMethod (TRANSFER, DIRECT_DEBIT, UNKNOWN) - The type property indicates which transaction method was used

  • TRANSFER - A DEBIT transaction that was initiated by the consumer
  • DIRECT_DEBIT - A DEBIT transaction
  • INSTANT - An INSTANT transaction
  • UNKNOWN - A transaction that could not be classified


    "transaction_id": "r29ndc7gqflfcgdnvpala41njf6c8j7s",
    "reference": "Flight 123",
    "amount": {
        "amount": 12345,
        "currency": "EUR"
    "counter_party": {
        "id": "123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000",
        "alias": "Girokonto",
        "account_number": "123456789",
        "iban": "DE44500105175407324931",
        "holder_name": "Max Mustermann",
        "holder_address": {
            "street_address": "Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 21",
            "street_address2": "Backside of the House, Floor 2",
            "postalcode": "35440",
            "city": "Linden",
            "region": "Hesse",
            "country": "DE"
        "bank_code": "51091700",
        "bic": "VRBUDE51XXX",
        "bank_name": "VR Bank Untertaunus eG",
        "bank_address": {
            "street_address": "Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 21",
            "street_address2": "Backside of the House, Floor 2",
            "postalcode": "35440",
            "city": "Linden",
            "region": "Hesse",
            "country": "DE"
        "transfer_type": "NONE",
        "account_type": "DEFAULT"
    "date": "2018-10-23",
    "state": "PROCESSED",
    "type": "DEBIT",
    "method": "TRANSFER"

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