Account Info Report

This report shows all details about an account.

URL and Request Body Structure of an Account Info Report

POST /insights/v1/reports/account-info/create HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Authorization: Token <Token>
Host: <Host>
    "insights_consumer_id": String,
    "insights_account_ids": ?Array<String>,
    "excluded_insights_account_ids": ?Array<String>

insights_consumer_id String, required

The insights_consumer_id parameter identifies the consumer whose transactions are used to generate the report.

insights_account_ids String[], optional

The list of accounts, identified by the insights_account_id, which will filter all transactions from the consumer to only those accounts. If missing all accounts of the insights_consumer_id will be used to generate the report(s). The insights_account_ids parameter must be empty if the excluded_insights_account_ids parameter is set.

excluded_insights_account_ids String[], optional

The list of insights_account_ids which will be excluded from the report generation. The excluded_insights_account_ids parameter must be empty if the insights_account_ids parameter is set.

Response Structure of Account Info Report

    "data": {
        "reports": Array<AccountInfo>

data.reports AccountInfo, always present

The list of reports generated depending to the requested parameters.


    "type": "ACCOUNT_INFOS",
    "insights_consumer_id": String,
    "insights_account_ids": Array<String>,
    "account_alias": ?String,
    "holder_name": ?String,
    "currency": ?String,
    "iban": ?String,
    "account_number": ?String,
    "bic": ?String,
    "bank_code": ?String,
    "country": ?String,
    "account_type": ?Enum<'DEFAULT', 'SAVING', 'CREDITCARD', 'DEPOT'>,
    "transfer_type": ?Enum<'NONE', 'DOMESTIC', 'FULL', 'REFERENCE', 'RESTRICTED'>,
    "refreshed_at": DateTime

type String, always present

The type always contains the value "ACCOUNT_INFOS" for this report.

insights_consumer_id String, always present

The insights_consumer_id is the consumer identifier for the account(s) used in this report.

insights_account_ids String, always present

The insights_account_ids is used to identify a specific account within Account Insights. Depending on type of report and requested account-settings this could be a list of ids.

account_alias String, optional

An alternative name for the account. A description that the consumer set for this account. It should be displayed if it is set, because the consumer can relate to it.

holder_name String, optional

The account holder name. The format of the string is unknown, as it depends on the bank.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee for the correctness of the name, because some banks allow the consumer to change of the name inside the banking portal.

currency String, optional

The currency according to ISO-4217.

iban String, optional

The IBAN of the account.

account_number String, optional

The account number of the account.

bic String, optional

The BIC of the consumer's bank.

bank_code String, optional

The bank code of the consumer's bank.

country String, optional

The country of the account, typically same as where the bank resides.

account_type Enum, optional

Indicates the type of the account.

  • DEFAULT - A regular account.
  • SAVING - A savings account.
  • CREDITCARD - A credit card account.
  • DEPOT - A depot for broking or similar.

transfer_type Enum, optional

Indicates if the account can be used for a transaction or not.

  • NONE - It is not possible to use the account for transfers.
  • DOMESTIC - The account can only be used for domestic transfers.
  • FULL - The account is fully usable.
  • REFERENCE - The account can only be used for transfers to one specific account.
  • RESTRICTED - The account might be under protection from execution or something similar. Transfers are possible, but with restricted functionality (e.g. limited transfer amount).

refreshed_at DateTime, always present

The refreshed_at shows when the data for this account were last refreshed. It is provided in the YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sssZ format according to ISO 8601 with an UTC offset, such as 2007-12-03T10:15:30.152Z.

Example request

    "insights_consumer_id": "6c03aff-8fa0046-ffae74-b0cbc-4d5fd1"

Example response

    "data": {
        "reports": [
                "type": "ACCOUNT_INFOS",
                "insights_consumer_id": "6c03aff-8fa0046-ffae74-b0cbc-4d5fd1",
                "insights_account_ids": [
                "account_alias": "Girokonto(KarlMustermann)",
                "holder_name": "Karl Mustermann",
                "currency": "EUR",
                "country": "DE",
                "iban": "DE06000000000023456789",
                "bic": "SFRTDE20XXX",
                "account_type": "DEFAULT",
                "transfer_type": "FULL",
                "refreshed_at": "2021-06-15T09:22:01+0200"

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