Features of the XS2A App

As the consumer may has to provide information for the flows to be completed there are a number of steps that may occur in the XS2A App.

The XS2A App supports following consumer interactions:

If the consumer has to choose the bank, we provide a consistent UI that makes it easy for the consumer to choose the correct bank. The default way of finding the bank happens through a search field into which the consumer can type the bank's name, sort code or BIC and then select the bank from a list of results. If multiple countries are enabled, we provide a dropdown from which the consumer selects the country before searching.

Furthermore we provide a list of top banks that are presented to the consumer. By default these top banks are the ones most likely to be selected as determined by the XS2A-API.

The consumer can either select the bank via this list of top banks or search for the bank if the bank is not listed as a top bank.

Consumer Authentication

When logging in to the bank account the consumer needs to authenticate through a strong customer authentication (SCA). The Open banking. by Klarna platform supports all common authentication methods provided by the banks. This includes synchronous (Flicker TAN) and asynchronous (MTan), single factor as well as multi-factor authentication.

Account selection

For certain flows (Account-Details, Balance, Transactions, Transfer) we require the consumer to choose an account if there is more than one and if a specific account was not preselected by the TPP/merchant when starting the flow.

Transfer Authorization

Every bank transfer that is initiated by the TPP/merchant has to be authorized by the consumer. Therefore our XS2A App displays the transfer authorization step, where the consumer can authorize the transfer with one of the authorization methods provided by the bank. We support all common authorization methods.

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