The Open Banking Product consists of two components.

One is the server-side XS2A-API which offers the endpoints for the TPP/merchant to initiate and control transfer and data access procedures. The other one is the XS2A App that handles the interaction with the consumer.


The XS2A-API exposes endpoints for the session and flow management. It should be exclusively called by other services and the content of those exchanges should not be exposed to the consumer.

All of the available XS2A-endpoints are secured by an OAuth2 based authentication and authorization system.

XS2A App

In order to retrieve information or execute a transfer, the consumer needs to choose her or his bank and provide authorization to her or his bank account. This is often done by providing login credentials and one-time passwords.

To handle this consumer interaction Open banking. by Klarna offers the XS2A App, a web-based application that provides the UI and guides the consumer through the process. The XS2A App is HTML-iframe-based and can be used by integrating a JavaScript file and calling a specified method with a token that is obtained from the XS2A-API as a parameter.

As an alternative to the XS2A App it is also possible to implement the consumer facing part of the application as a white label solution.

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