White Label


The best way to get started is the Quick Start PIS.

For a successful integration of the White Label solution these components are relevant,

  • XS2A API to create sessions and flows as well as retrieve AIS data,
  • Auth API to render and authenticate the user with a defined set of forms,
  • Consent API to retrieve AIS data using an existing consent token,
  • HSM to securely store eIDAS certificates,
  • Onboarding towards ASPSPs to register for PSD2 API access (not all ASPSPs require this), and
  • Bank Universe to select the right bank for the XS2A session.

Klarna Open Banking Portal

The Portal shows all transactions and helps to understand in case requests do not work as expected. White Label integations have dedicated URLs to access the Portal.

The Klarna Open Banking Portal can only be accessed with a valid account. Accounts can only be obtained from Klarna directly.

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