Insights API

Account Insights offers reports to get a better understanding of the raw account data. These reports are generated with data that is stored in the so called Storage. To get there data can either be acquired via the Insights-Refresh or uploaded directly via the Storage API.

Quick Start

You can find our quick start guide for the Insights API here

Common workflows

A short overview of common workflows can be found here

Insights Overview

The Account Insights offering can be split into three parts:

Acquiring Data

There are two main sources to supply financial data:

Acquiring via Open banking

The automatic data extraction from a consumer bank account utilizing the tools of Open Banking by Klarna. by letting the consumers log into their bank account.

This method is tightly integrated with Open banking and behaves similar to other available flows. After creating an Open banking session the Insights-Refresh flow needs to be started. After the consumer is logged in, this flow will extract the necessary data from the account and prepare them for the report generation.

This process can also be used with consents via Consent-Refresh.

Acquiring by providing data

Providing financial data is done via the designated endpoint which is described here

Report generation

After the financial data are available in the Storage, reports can be generated using the Modular Report Generation endpoint. We also offer custom-tailored reports to fit your use-case. To get more information please contact us.

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