Upsert transaction labels

This endpoint allows to add/update transactions labels.


POST /insights/v1/storage/transactions/labels/upsert HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Authorization: Token <Token>
Host: <Host>
    "insights_consumer_id": String,
    "insights_account_id": String,
    "insights_transaction_ids": Array<String>,
    "labels": {
        <label_key>: String,

insights_consumer_id String, required

The id identifying the consumer to whom the transactions belong.

insights_account_id String, required

The id identifying the account to which the transactions belong.

insights_transaction_ids String[], required

The ids of all transactions to which the labels are added/updated.

labels Object, required

Any amount of labels consisting of key-value pairs. Keys have a minimum length of 1 and maximum length of 128. Values have a minimum length of 0 and maximum length of 1024.



Example request

    "insights_consumer_id": "6c03aff-8fa0046-ffae74-b0cbc-4d5fd1",
    "insights_account_id": "c9a87c48-c5c7-404c-ace8-f287e298c4cc",
    "insights_transaction_ids": [
    "labels": {
        "key1": "a changed value",
        "key3": "a new value"

Example response


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