Going live with Klarna Branded

1. Get Production Access

You need

  1. a login to the Klarna Open Banking Portal and
  2. a production access token.

You can create a production access token in the Portal. Add it with the HTTP header Authorization: Token <YOUR_TOKEN> to your requests. See authentication for more details on how to create access tokens.

If you do not have portal access ask your Klarna contact or send a request via our website.

2. Use the Production URL for the XS2A API

The production URL for the XS2A API is api.openbanking.klarna.com.

If you used the playground URL api.openbanking.playground.klarna.com change it to the production URL. You don't need the Auth API URLs.

3. Quick Check before you go live

Do you set PSU.ip and PSU.user_agent to the correct client-side values when starting a session?

Do NOT use the server ip or a local ip, e.g. Use the actual client ip and user agent. Read more about starting a session.

Do you want to know which bank the user selected and how we connected to it?

Read the data.bank object in the session once the user has selected a bank.

Do you close the session when you are done with all flows?

Please make sure you do that after you received all the data you need. See how to close a session.

Let us know you go live.

We can help best if we know that you are now on a live system.

4. Go live

You are ready to go! Happy transacting!

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