Fetch account data

There are 2 relevant use cases for fetching account data. These are

  1. fetching the account holder name, and
  2. fetching the account number or IBAN.

This integration guide helps you to do both in the most efficient way to minimise authentication while optimise for retrieval of account data.

Availability of account data

Not all banks share an IBAN and/or a holder name and if you depend on either or both data points, we understand that this can be frustrating.

Find a list of some banks and if they return

  • holder_name,
  • alias,
  • iban,
  • bic,
  • account_number, or
  • bank_code

as part of the accounts object.

Note that this is not Klarna Kosma removing or limiting the data but the banks which don't share the data. If there is a particular bank missing in the list or a bank doesn't share a data point which you rely on please contact us.

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