Klarna Branded


The best way to get started is the Quick Start AIS.

The different components of the Klarna Branded integration are

  • XS2A API to create sessions and flows as well as retrieve AIS data,
  • XS2A App to render the widget which handels the entire user authentication, and
  • Consent API to retrieve AIS data using an existing consent token.

In parallel to the direct data access methods (XS2A API and Consent API) described above there is also the Insights API which allows working with stored bank data and refresh it when needed.

Klarna Open Banking Portal

The Portal shows all transactions and helps to understand in case requests do not work as expected.


The Klarna Open Banking Portal can only be accessed with a valid account. Accounts can only be obtained from Klarna directly.


A demo of the Klarna Branded solution is available under https://demo.openbanking.klarna.com/

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