The Account Object in Detail

    "id": ?String,
    "alias": ?String,
    "account_number": ?String,
    "iban": ?String,
    "holder_name": ?String,
    "holder_address": ?AddressData,
    "bank_code": ?String,
    "bic": ?String,
    "national_branch_code": ?String,
    "bank_name": ?String,
    "bank_address": ?AddressData,
    "transfer_type": ?Enum<'NONE', 'DOMESTIC', 'FULL', 'REFERENCE', 'RESTRICTED'>,
    "account_type": ?Enum<'DEFAULT', 'SAVING', 'CREDITCARD', 'DEPOT'>,
    "balance": ?Amount,
    "capabilities": ?{
        <flow_type>: {
            "available": Boolean

id String, optional

An identifier for the account that can be used to refer to it later in the session, e. g. when specifying an account of which to get the account details of. Note that this identifier is not consistent across sessions and/or consents and can change.

The id field will always be present in the accounts that belong to the consumer. However, it might not be available in account objects of other entities such as the counter party of transactions.

Additionally, the account id might not be available in the from object of the result of a transfer flow.

alias String, optional

An alternative name for the account. A description that the consumer set for his/her account. It should be displayed if it is set, because the consumer can relate to it.

account_number String, optional

The account number of the account.

iban String, optional

The IBAN of the account.

holder_name String, optional

The account holder's name. The format of the string is unknown, as it depends on the bank.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee for the correctness of the name, because some banks allow the consumer to change of the name inside the banking portal.

holder_adress AddressData, optional

The address of the account holder.

bank_code String, optional

The bank code of the consumer's bank.

bic String, optional

The BIC of the consumer's bank.

national_branch_code String, optional

The branch code of the consumer's account.

bank_name String, optional

The name of the bank(branch) for which the account is registered.

bank_address AddressData, optional

The address of the bank.

transfer_type Enum, optional

Indicates if the account can be used for a transaction or not. If an unknown enum value is encountered or no enum value is set we recommend defaulting to NONE.

  • NONE - It is not possible to use the account for transfers.
  • DOMESTIC - The account can only be used for domestic transfers.
  • FULL - The account is fully usable.
  • REFERENCE - The account can only be used for transfers to one specific account.
  • RESTRICTED - The account might be under protection from execution or something similar. Transfers are possible, but with restricted functionality (e.g. limited transfer amount).

account_type Enum, optional

Indicates the type of the account. If an unknown enum value is encountered or no enum value is set we recommend defaulting to DEFAULT.

  • DEFAULT - A regular account.
  • SAVING - A savings account.
  • CREDITCARD - A credit card account.
  • DEPOT - A depot for broking or similar.

balance Amount, optional

The available or balance of the account.

capabilities Object, optional

The capabilities of the account.

capabilities.<flow_type>.available Boolean, optional

Indicates if an specific flow_type is available for the account.


    "id": "123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000",
    "alias": "Girokonto",
    "account_number": "123456789",
    "iban": "DE44500105175407324931",
    "holder_name": "Max Mustermann",
    "bank_code": "51091700",
    "bic": "VRBUDE51XXX",
    "bank_name": "VR Bank Untertaunus eG",
    "transfer_type": "FULL",
    "account_type": "DEFAULT",
    "balance": {
        "amount": 12345,
        "currency": "EUR"
    "capabilities": {
        "account_details": {
            "available": true
        "balances": {
            "available": true
        "transactions": {
            "available": true
        "transfer": {
            "available": true

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