For testing the XS2A-API the Postman-Collection can easily be used.


  • Postman version >=6.x, verify with Help -> Check for updates
  • An access_token that needs to be put into the environment

Import the environment

To import the environment file, follow these steps:

Import the collection

To import the collection, follow these steps:

Configure the environment

After the import was successful, configure a user for the environment.

  • Click on the gear icon at the very top right below the header line
  • A new window opens up with the title "manage environments"
  • Click on KOB Playground / KOB Production
  • Change the initial and current value of the access_token from --- insert token here --- to a valid token that can be obtained in the portal. See also authentication documentation
  • White label customers also need to fill the variables keys_hsm, and keys_aspsp_data for the production environment
  • Click on the Update button

Using the collection

Before starting a session, always ensure that the correct environment is selected at the top right. When used the collection sets several "runtime variables" in the active environment. To prevent messing up other environments, there is a pre-request-script configured, which verifies that your chosen environment starts with KOB, otherwise it will show an error like There was an error in evaluating the Pre-request Script: Error: Invalid environment selected.

When testing a transfer please bear in mind that you need to fill out the needed details in the JSON-body of the transfer-object.

Updating the collection

To update the Postman collection to the newest version, just follow the steps described in the Import the collection section again. The old version will be automatically replaced with the new one. There is no need to re-import or update the environments unless explicitly mentioned in the change-log.

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