The link Element

The link element represents every kind of link to be shown.

    "type": "link",
    "tags": Array<String>,
    "version": String,
    "href": String,
    "text": String,

href String, always present, since v1.0.0

The href property holds a URI to a resource which should be directed to on click. The URI can range from regular web URL to intent-uris for android and iOS (e.g. bankid://).

text String, always present, since v1.0.0

The text property holds a text with information. When the text is clicked (or touched) it is expected to direct the user to the href-uri.

Possible values for tags


link with BUTTON tag

Example of a possible look of a link element with the BUTTON tag.


    "href": "",
    "text": "Our Documentation",


1.0.0 - 08.10.2021

  • initial version

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