The image Element

The image element describes an image.

    "type": "image",
    "tags": Array<String>,
    "version": String,
    "label": ?String,
    "alt": ?String,
    "title": ?String,
    "src": String,
    "resizable": Boolean

label String, optional, since v1.0.0

The label property represents a caption for the image.

alt String, optional, since v1.0.0

The alt property specifies an alternate text for the image which can be shown if the image cannot be loaded.

title String, optional, since v1.0.0

The title property contains the title for the image.

src String, always present, since v1.0.0

The src property contains the base64 encoded data of the image.

resizable Boolean, always present, since v1.0.0

Determines whether or not the image can be resized by the consumer. The default value is false.

If set to true the image has to be resizable by the consumer. However, how this resize mechanism should work (buttons, gestures, ...) is not specified.

Possible values for tags




    "tags": [],


1.0.0 - 01.02.2019

  • initial version

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