At Klarna we take the privacy of our customers and consumers seriously. While the consumer is using the XS2A App a link to our privacy policy, in the respective language, is available at the bottom of the screen. In addition you can find the copies of our privacy policies below.

It is important that the user is able to read the privacy policy while using the XS2A App. We try to open the privacy policy in a new window or tab by using For integrations inside mobile apps this can lead to issues. To solve this we offer to open the Privacy Notice inlined by setting the openPoliciesInNewWindow to false in the configuration.

Please note that we provide a convenience translation for all countries in english, and that this version does not take precedence over the local language version of this Privacy Notice below.

Privacy Notice per country and language

Country Language
Austria Deutsch
Belgium Nederlands, Français
Denmark Dansk
Finland Suomi
France Français
Germany Deutsch
Italy Italian
Netherlands Nederlands
Norway Norsk
Poland Polish
Portugal Português
Spain Spanish
Sweden Svenska
Switzerland Deutsch
United Kingdom English
United States of America English

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