Form Container

The Form Container is the root element of the form and holds information about the form and its elements.

    "form_identifier": String,
    "elements": Array<FormElement>,
    "version": String

form_identifier String, always present, since v1.0.0

Each form has a unique identifying form_identifier property which is checked server side.

elements FormElement[], always present, since v1.0.0

The elements property contains all elements of the form. The sorting of the elements suggests an order for a vertical layout, so the first element is suggested to be above the second element, etc.

version String, optional, since v1.0.0

The version property follows the semantic versioning specification and defines the interoperability for the API client. The API client should check this version and abort if the version is unsupported (for example for major-changes).


    "elements": [...]


1.0.0 - 01.02.2019

  • initial version

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