The account details flow can be used to acquire detailed information about a specific account of the consumer.

Once the flow is finished one “Account” object can be obtained. The information provided can differ depending on the selected bank, as some banks provide more information than others.

In order to request the details of a specific account, the account identifier provided in the result from an accounts flow or an IBAN can be passed in the payload of the request. If neither the identifier nor the IBAN is set the consumer has to select an account, if more than one is available.

Request Body Structure of an Account Details Flow

    "iban": ?String,
    "account_id": ?String,
    "allowed_accounts": ?AllowedAccounts

iban String, optional

The IBAN of the account for which the account details flow should be executed.

account_id String, optional

The account identifier - as provided in the result of an accounts flow - of the account for which the account details flow should be executed.

allowed_accounts AllowedAccounts, optional

A configuration for filtering the options at the account selection for the consumer. This can't be used in combination with the iban and account_id fields.

Response Structure of a successful Account Details Flow

    "data": {
        "result": ?{
            "account": Account,
            "type": String

data.result.type String, always present

For successful flows the type property always holds the value account_details.

data.result.account Account, always present

The account property holds the available details of the account.

Example Response for a successful Account Details Flow

    "data": {
        "result": {
            "account": {
                "id": "0",
                "alias": "Girokonto (MaxMustermann)",
                "iban": "DE06000000000023456789",
                "bic": "SFRTDE20XXX",
                "account_number": "23456789",
                "holder_name": "MaxMustermann",
                "bank_code": "123",
                "transfer_type": "FULL",
                "account_type": "DEFAULT",
                "balance": {
                    "amount": 12345,
                    "currency": "EUR"
            "type": "account_details"
        "state": "FINISHED"

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