Test Banks

In order to test the integration a test bank is available in the playground environment. The test bank for Germany can be accessed by selecting Germany as the country and choosing the Demo Bank.

Two different types of test banks are provided, one for testing the specific behavior of banks connected via PSD2 API and another one for the fallback access. During the bank authentication as the first step, a bank login method can be selected, and choosing the Demo Bank PSD2 will use the PSD2 version and Test Transportweg Deutschland the fallback.

Country-specific Test Banks

To test the look and feel of other markets and to provide a consistent language during the full flow, a localized test bank is offered for the countries below.

Country Bank code
AT 00000
BE 999
DK 0000
ES 9999
FI 999
FR 00000
GB 000000
IT 00000
NO 0000
PT 0000
SE 00000
SK 0000

Country-specific keywords

The country-specific test banks do not support any keywords listed for the PSD2 test bank or the Fallback test bank and only the happy-case is available. However, entering the following values as a PIN or username in the bank login step instructs the underlying systems to execute different country-specific scenarios that can happen at different banks.

PIN/Username Countries Functionality
force-tan GB The GB test bank skips the strong customer authorization (SCA) for a payment if the consumer has already completed it during the login. "force-tan" can be used to enforce a second SCA.
generate-new-accounts{0-100} GB The GB test bank generates a set of 0 to 100 accounts with random account_number, bank_code, national_branch_code, bic, transfer_type and account_type. The alias and holder_name contain the index in their name. For example: alias "Generated Account #0" and holder_name "Person #0".
bankid SE The SE test bank shows a typical BankID authentication for 25 seconds before it automatically completes or continues successfully.

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