Create accounts

This endpoint allows to create accounts that are not directly connected to a bank account.


POST /insights/v1/storage/accounts/create HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Authorization: Token <Token>
Host: <Host>
    "insights_consumer_id": ?String,
    "data_retention_minutes": ?Integer,
    "account": {
        "insights_account_id": ?String,
        "iban": : ?String,
        "account_number": ?String,
        "alias": ?String,
        "bic": ?String,
        "bank_code": ?String,
        "holder_name": ?String,
        "account_type": ?Enum<'DEFAULT', 'SAVING', 'CREDITCARD', 'DEPOT'>,
        "transfer_type": ?Enum<'NONE', 'DOMESTIC', 'FULL', 'REFERENCE', 'RESTRICTED'>,
        "currency": ?String,
        "holder_address": ?{
            "country": ?String
        "labels": ?{
            <label_key>: String,

insights_consumer_id String, optional

Data provided with this call will be stored with this insights_consumer_id. Any string with less than 128 characters can be used to identify the consumer. If left empty, a new identifier will be generated and returned in the response to this call.

data_retention_minutes Integer, optional

How long the data should be stored until expiring. If this property is not set the default is 10 minutes.

account.insights_account_id String, optional

The account's Account Insights id. Can be any string up to 128 characters. If left empty, a new identifier will be generated and returned in the response to this call.

account.iban String, optional

The account's IBAN.

account.account_number String, optional

The account's account number.

account.alias String, optional

The account's alias. Allows up to 150 characters.

account.bic String, optional

The account's BIC.

account.bank_code String, optional

The account's bank code.

account.holder_name String, optional

The account's holder name. Allows up to 160 characters.

account.account_type Enum, optional

The account's account type.

  • DEFAULT - A regular account.
  • SAVING - A savings account.
  • CREDITCARD - A credit card account.
  • DEPOT - A depot for broking or similar.

account.transfer_type Enum, optional

The account's transfer type.

  • NONE - It is not possible to use the account for transfers.
  • DOMESTIC - The account can only be used for domestic transfers.
  • FULL - The account is fully usable.
  • REFERENCE - The account can only be used for transfers to one specific account.
  • RESTRICTED - The account might be under protection from execution or something similar. Transfers are possible, but with restricted functionality (e.g. limited transfer amount).

account.currency String, optional

The currency of the balance of this account. If this property is not set the default is XXX (as defined in ISO 4217). String, optional

The account country as code in the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format, e.g. DE, GB, SE.

account.labels Object, optional

Any amount of labels consisting of key-value pairs. Keys have a minimum length of 1 and maximum length of 128. Values have a minimum length of 0 and maximum length of 1024.


    "data": {
        "insights_consumer_id" : String,
        "insights_account_id" : String

data.insights_consumer_id String, always present

The insights_consumer_id of the stored data.

data.insights_account_id String, always present

The insights_account_id of the stored data.

Example request

    "account": {
        "alias": "My saving account",
        "holder_name": "Homer Simpson",
        "account_type": "SAVING",
        "currency": "EUR"

Example response

    "data": {
        "insights_consumer_id": "c90242f6-035c-4cba-a775-94fabc886a36",
        "insights_account_id": "d21a79b6-ca8a-4657-a8e0-8425eb10b47c"

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