The AddressData Object in Detail

    "street_address": ?String,
    "street_address2": ?String,
    "postalcode": ?String,
    "city": ?String,
    "region": ?String,
    "country": ?String

street_address String, optional

The main part of the address such as street name, street number, or a PO box.

street_address2 String, optional

Additional address information such as apartment, floor, suite, building or other specific information.

postalcode String, optional

Country specific postal code.

city String, optional

The city of the address.

region String, optional

The region of the address.

country String(2), optional

The country code in the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format, e.g. DE, GB, SE.


    "street_address": "Doestreet 3",
    "street_address2": "Backside of the House, Floor 2",
    "postalcode": "12345",
    "city": "Faketown",
    "region": "Exampleregion",
    "country": "US"

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