The AddressData Object in Detail

    "street_address": ?string,
    "street_address2": ?string,
    "postalcode": ?string,
    "city": ?string,
    "region": ?string,
    "country": ?string

street_address - Main part of the address such as street name, street number, or maybe PO box...

street_address2 - Additional address information such as apartment, floor, suite, building or other specific information.

postalcode - Country specific postal code.

city - The city of the address.

region - The region of the address.

country - The country code in Alpha-2 format.


    "street_address": "Doestreet 3",
    "street_address2": "Backside of the House, Floor 2",
    "postalcode": "12345",
    "city": "Faketown",
    "region": "Exampleregion",
    "country": "DE"

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