The Categorized Transaction Object in Detail

    "insights_transaction_id": String,
    "insights_account_id": String,
    "ob_transaction_id": ?String,
    "value_date": ?Date,
    "booking_date": ?Date,
    "amount": Amount,
    "reference": ?String,
    "bank_references": ? {
        "unstructured": ?String,
        "structured": ?String,
        "end_to_end": ?String
    "state": ?Enum<'PROCESSED', 'PENDING', 'CANCELED', 'FAILED'>,
    "type": Enum<'DEBIT', 'CREDIT'>,
    "method": Enum<'TRANSFER', 'DIRECT_DEBIT', 'INSTANT', 'UNKNOWN'>,
    "bank_transaction_code": ?{
        "code": ?String,
        "sub_code": ?String,
        "description": ?String
    "counter_party": ?{
        "iban": ?String,
        "account_number": ?String,
        "bic": ?String,
        "bank_code": ?String,
        "holder_name": ?String,
        "holder_address": ?{
            "country": ?String
    "categories": Array<CategorizedTransactionCategory>,
    "brand": ?Brand,
    "labels": ?{
        <label_key>: String,

insights_transaction_id String, always present

The Account Insights identifier for the transaction.

insights_account_id String, always present

Insights Account id to which this transaction belongs.

ob_transaction_id String, optional

The identifier for the transaction as given by the XS2A API.

value_date Date (String: "YYYY-MM-DD"), optional

The date on which the transaction was valued by the bank (usually in accounting).

booking_date Date (String: "YYYY-MM-DD"), optional

The date on which the transaction was booked.

amount Amount, always present

The unsigned amount of the transaction.

reference String, optional

The reference for the transaction.

bank_references Object, optional

Object containing additional references.

bank_references.unstructured String, optional

The unstructured reference as it was returned from the bank without any modifications.

bank_references.structured String, optional

Part of the reference as delivered by the bank.

bank_references.end_to_end String, optional

This value can be used for reconciliation and transaction matching.

state Enum, optional

The state of the transaction.

Possible values are:

  • PROCESSED - The transaction was processed
  • PENDING - The transaction is still pending and not yet processed
  • CANCELED - The transactions was canceled
  • FAILED - The transaction was not processed

type Enum, always present

The type property indicates whether funds were withdrawn (DEBIT) or applied (CREDIT) to the account.

Possible values are:

  • DEBIT - Funds were withdrawn from the account
  • CREDIT - Funds were applied to the account

method Enum, always present

The type property indicates which transaction method was used.

Possible values are:

  • TRANSFER - A DEBIT transaction that was initiated by the consumer
  • DIRECT_DEBIT - A DEBIT transaction
  • INSTANT - An INSTANT transaction
  • UNKNOWN - A transaction that could not be classified

bank_transaction_code Object, optional

The Bank Transaction Code as provided by the bank. This information allows the customer to correctly report a transaction, which will help to - for example - perform reconciliation operations.

The values of this object are not normalized and the meaning and format could differ per PSD2-framework or even per bank. For more information, visit the related PSD2-API documentation of the specific banks. Some banks (e.g. Berlin-Group PSD2) follow the ISO-20022 Standard.

bank_transaction_code.code String, optional

Specifies the business area of the underlying transaction. There is no guarantee that the code-field follows the ISO-20022 Standard.

bank_transaction_code.sub_code String, optional

Specifies the sub-product family within a specific family. There is no guarantee that the sub_code-field follows the ISO-20022 Standard.

bank_transaction_code.description String, optional

A textual description of the bank_transaction_code.

counter_party Object, optional

The other party involved in the transaction. This can be empty for some transactions.

counter_party.iban String, optional

The IBAN of the counter party account.

counter_party.account_number String, optional

The account number of the counter party account.

counter_party.bic String, optional

The BIC of the counter party account.

counter_party.bank_code String, optional

The bank code of the counter party account.

counter_party.holder_name String, optional

The name of the counter party account holder. String, optional

The country code in the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format, e.g. DE, GB, SE.

categories Category[], always present

Any transaction could match a number of categories. All those matched categories will be reported as a list here.

brand Brand, optional

If the transaction was sent to or received from a known brand, this will be shown in the brand property.

labels Object, optional

Any amount of labels consisting of key-value pairs. Can be added/updated with Upsert labels

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